Taste the World 2013,  Another Outstanding Success!

$86,537* in net proceeds was generated at Taste the World in Calgary to provide basic healthcare and nutrition for 23,090 children…healthy children have a better chance of overcoming poverty and succeeding in life. (*Macquarie Foundation will match a portion of these funds).

At Angkor Hospital for Children your gift will provide:

  • 10,000 children treated in our Outpatient Department
  • 3000 families living in rural areas can be given soap to wash their hands with
  • 1000 mosquito nets given to families to help prevent malaria and dengue fever
  • 1200 children with breathing problems will receive oxygen
  • 1000 children can be given antibiotics for infection

Medical Action Myanmar will perform:

  • 3,500 consultations and treatments for children
  • 1,000 patients tested (and treated) for malaria
  • 1,500 children and parents tested for Tuberculosis
  • 140 children and parents treated for Tuberculosis
  • 750 consultations for pregnant women including tests to prevent transmission of preventable disease to their unborn children

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!