Hi Everyone!

Katie Proud, Sarah Proud, Jordan Smeaton and I are involved in a fundraiser called Taste the World. It is a wine tasting event at Hotel Arts on March 3rd to support the Angkor Hospital for children in Cambodia and Myanmar health clinics. I volunteered at Angkor Hospital for children over a year ago and it helped me realize how far an extra dollar or helping hand can go. It’s a free hospital that treats children from all over Cambodia. It was incredible to see some families travel for weeks to bring their child to the hospital for treatment, and I went on many excursions provided by the hospital to drive these families back to their villages after effective treatment of their child.

The night will offer over 300 wine labels for tasting, hors d’oeurves, a silent auction, raffle and a mini Asian market.

Here is a list of just a few things your money can buy for the hospital:
· A $25 donation buys 5 mosquito nets to prevent Dengue Fever and Malaria
· A $50 donation buys 50 bags of IV fluid for children with severe dehydration
· A $60 donation buys six tanks of oxygen to help kids with breathing problems
· A $75 donation provides 25 pairs of eyeglasses
· A $100 donation provides for 100 bottles of Amoxicillin, a common antibiotic for treating approximately 75 children.

Attached is an invitation to the 2011 Taste the World fundraiser at Hotel Arts. It is sure to be an amazing event to help an amazing cause, while drinking fabulous wine!