The combined efforts of Vancouver and Calgary 2011 two wine events raised $149,000 in net profit. These funds were used to provide healthcare and nutrition.

At Medical Action Myanmar :
• 60,000 child patients were treated for malaria,
• 1000 women received family planning for 1 year, and
• 100 children with acute malnutrition received
therapeutic food and medical treatment

At the Angkor Hospital for Children, this covered:
• 6840 outpatient visits
• 2814 lab tests
• 582 prescriptions
• 1294 emergency room visits
• 636 dental treatments

Did you know 87.5 children die in Cambodia and 71.2 children die in Myanmar mostly from curable aliments in comparison to 6.1 Canadian children per 1000. (Source: UNICEF)

The cost is so little to help a child in Cambodia and Myanmar to cover child malnutrition, malaria, TB and HIV. Full treatment at Angkor Hospital costs $28 per child…. Medical Action Myanmar treats children with malaria for a mere $5.00 per child.