When traveling through South East Asia in 2004, Bevan and Tanya Frizzell were particularly touched by the stoic spirit and grace of the Cambodian people. After their return they were determined to assist in the rebuilding of the country. The Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) resonated with them in particular. Here was a place that that not only provided pediatric medical care, but was training Cambodian doctors and nurses so that one day the institution could potentially be independent of foreign staff. The hospital embodied the hopes and challenges facing the country through their children.

Calgary’s EFW Radiology, of which Bevan is a partner, was in the process of upgrading their ultrasound equipment. The group agreed this was a wonderful opportunity to support the AHC by giving the used ultrasound machines a second life.

In 2006, Bevan and Tanya travelled to AHC to oversee the delivery of 2 ultrasound machines. Tanya raised the funds to cover the shipping costs through a very successful Casino Royale fun money casino and silent auction. In the end, the ultrasound machines were able to hitch a ride with other supplies donated by the Rotary Club of Vancouver, so the money raised from Casino Royale could be donated to the hospital too. Bevan and Tanya stayed at the hospital for 10 days so that Bevan could demonstrate the operation of the ultrasound equipment to the AHC Radiologist (Dr. Lyda), and Tanya worked in the hospital using her skills as a physiotherapist.

All money donated goes directly to running the hospital, and the hospital is very careful to accept non-monetary donations only if they are confident they will be put to good use. Nothing goes to waste. AHC has made huge gains over the years, opening a satellite hospital, creating an ICU, and expanding teaching programs. The Frizzells are proud to support this little hospital with a big heart.